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School Discipline


by Beccastone Editorial

A recently published government report concluded that starting in pre-school, Black children are disciplined at a higher rate than other students due to implicit racial bias.  An earlier government report concluded that public schools punish Black students more severely than their white peers. (See article here). As just one example, Black students are 3-1/2 times more likely …

Your Values, Your Destiny

Values & Beliefs

by Charlayne Hunter-Gault

As I sat on the grounds of the United States Capitol when Barack Obama was taking the oath of office, I felt a close kinship to him, though we have never met. The reason was that I had read his book, “Dreams From My Father,” and from it, I learned that he, like I, was

Finding the Right Punishment: To Spank, or Not?


by Beccastone Editorial

Corporal punishment was in the news recently when a group of familial caretakers in Michigan was arrested for spanking a child and posting a video online. We can all agree that putting your child’s bad behavior and subsequent punishment on public display is probably not a good idea. The goal of discipline should be to correct destructive behavior and …

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Sugar: The Unsweetened Truth

Health & Beauty

by Beccastone Editorial

“Too much sugar does not just make us fat; it can also make us sick.”  That’s the message of  a recent medical journal article saying that sugar is more than just “empty calories”; overconsumption by itself can lead to higher risk of chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes and liver disease.

The article suggests that fewer than …

Beccastone Interview with Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski


by Beccastone Editorial

Beccastone: What kinds of career opportunities are available to minority students in the sciences?

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski: In my view, the areas that offer some of the most exciting and rewarding career opportunities to students with math and science backgrounds are healthcare; the environment and energy; and technology, intelligence, and security. These areas play a …

Interview with Dr. Bethanne Moore on Your Child’s Mental Health

Health & Beauty

by Beccastone Editorial

Dr. Bethanne Moore sits down with Beccastone to discuss mental health issues for children in the Black community.

Beccastone: Do you find that there is a reluctance in the Black community to acknowledge and seek help for mental health problems?

Dr. Bethanne Moore: In some ways people are becoming more accepting of the whole issue of …

Dr. Fran E. Cook-Bolden, Noted NYC Dermatologist, Answers Some Questions on Children’s Hair Care

Health & Beauty

by Dr. Fran Cook-Bolden

1. Hair care for infants and toddlers?

Gentle treatment is the key. Avoid any heavy products and opt for shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for infants or bland and natural shampoos and conditioners with minimal ingredients. If moisture is needed, opt for a drop of light olive oil and stay away from commercial products. If the …

Q & A with Beccastone: Dr. Jesse McGee Discusses Heart Healthy Kids

Health & Beauty

by Beccastone Editorial

Q: What can parents do to help ensure their kids have healthy hearts?

A: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US for men and women in all population groups. For African Americans, heart disease is more likely to be severe and at an advanced stage when diagnosed.

There are a number of things …

Tooth Talk With Dr. Battle

Health & Beauty

by Beccastone Editorial

Recent press stories have reported that dentists are seeing increasing numbers of very young children, including toddlers in some cases, with a mouthful of cavities. Beccastone asked Contributor Dr. Michael Battle, a practicing dentist with offices in Charlotte and High Point, North Carolina, to comment on how this happens and suggest some preventative measures.

Q: Have …

Teach Children the ABCs of Finance


by Beccastone Editorial

Roger W. Ferguson Jr. is President and CEO of Teachers Insurance and Annuities Association and the College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF). TIAA-CREF is the leading retirement provider for people who work in academic, medical, governmental, research and cultural fields.

As parents, we all want the best for our children. But while we rightly focus on things …