Sylvia Rhone

My Mother Taught Me
by Beccastone Editorial

Becca_MyMotherAlwaysToldMe_big03Sylvia Rhone is a music industry icon and business executive.

Before I went out with friends, my Mom would always give me some money and say, “This is your mad money… if anything happens, you can always get home on your own.” She did that because she wanted me to be independent, able to take care of myself, and not reliant on anyone else. From buying a movie ticket or something to eat, or having enough bus fare to get back home, mad money gave me a sense of security that I was always prepared in good times and bad. I’ve learned that mad money is priceless. Education is mad money. Working hard is mad money. Finding the courage to follow your passion is mad money. Having a strong family is mad money. Good friends are mad money. Good health is mad money. Staying in shape is mad money. Traveling is mad money. Mad money is the currency of life and my Mother’s wisdom has worked for me throughout my years.

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