Top Ten Ways for Our Children to Give Back

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by Beccastone Editorial

10WaysFFTIn a time of peace and good will towards others, sometimes, we can forget our neighbors. As we pile food on our plates, wrestle with other shoppers at the mall, and shake wrapped boxes stacked under the tree for clues, we can forget the spirit of giving, and our children are no different. In addition to dropping some coins into the bucket as we leave the mall, let’s encourage our children to volunteer their time in the wider world this year. After all, we encourage our children to make wish lists but sometimes forget to offer a balance. Giving to others fosters selflessness and a generosity of spirit that builds character and makes us all realize our best selves. It helps us grow. We should encourage our children to exchange gifts and at the same time remember t their responsibility to the community at large.

Here are Beccastone’s Top Ten Ways For Our Children to Give Back.
1. Create chore coupons for grandparents — Charity starts at home —our children can craft a coupon for their grandparents redeemable for any number of tasks that need doing around the house. Helping their grandparents or other older relatives can help build or strengthen a relationship as well.

2. Food banks — The whole family can visit a local food bank, give a donation and help distribute donations as well.

3. Habitat for Humanity — Kids can learn a skill and build a home.

4. Organize a food drive and donate — In their schools, religious organizations, or even in the neighborhood, our children can collect and deliver donations of canned goods.

5. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen — During the holidays, our kids can make dinner plates for those in need.

6. Donate old toys and clothes — While the kids are home during winter break, this is a great time to help them clean out their closet of old toys and clothes, then gather them up for donation to your local Salvation Army or other community organization.

7. Offer to do yard work for an elderly neighbor — Right on the block where you live, older neighbors need help maintaining their yards. Our children can ask a neighbor and help with upkeep, year-round, from time to time.

8. Sign up as a tutor — It’s important to have peer role models and if your child is particularly good in an academic subject, he or she can sign up to tutor others in his or her school, church or perhaps at a local library.

9. Volunteer at an animal shelter — For your kid, the animal lover, he or she can volunteer time taking care of strays at the local shelter.

10. Donate snack bags or toiletries to a women’s shelter — Women in need of shelter can have children in tow that have needs too. Our kids can put together care packages that include candy, toys and books.
Your local church or other place of worship will have more ideas for giving back to the community. You can also contact:

Points of Light


What are some ways you know of that empower our children give back this season?

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